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We Stand Up For Victims Of Nursing Home Neglect

George Bush Law holds dangerous and negligent nursing homes accountable when they cause physical or emotional harm to vulnerable loved ones. Families throughout the Augusta area place their trust in nursing homes to protect their loved ones and care for them with compassion and dignity. But nursing homes abuse that trust when their staff deliberately assaults a resident or negligently allows the resident to become sick or hurt.

We are a personal injury law firm representing clients in and around Augusta. For a free consultation, please call 706-770-6783 or complete our contact form. Our founding attorney, George Bush, can confront the nursing home’s insurance company and help you make things right.

Uncovering Exactly What Happened

Throughout Georgia and South Carolina, vulnerable people are injured due to nursing home abuse and neglect. The exact number of victims is not known because cases of neglect and abuse are under-reported. Often nursing home residents are afraid or simply unable to express the gravity of their suffering.

These cases involve a wide variety of injuries, including bedsores, falls, dehydration, malnutrition and even wrongful death as a result of negligence.

We can investigate your case to help you understand exactly what happened. Relevant matters to consider for your case may include the nursing home’s hiring practices. Often poor training and understaffing are significant factors in cases of nursing home neglect.

For example, most injuries in nursing homes are not entirely the fault of uncaring nurses and aides. Rather, the chronic mismanagement of funds by corporate owners often leads to understaffing and/or the hiring of unqualified staff.

We can help you hold all the responsible parties accountable for any injuries your loved one may have suffered. Our work also helps to ensure that other nursing home residents are not harmed by the same negligent facilities.

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If you have seen signs of staff negligence or abuse while visiting your loved one in a nursing home, contact George Bush Law in Augusta for a free consultation. Call us at 706-770-6783 or complete our contact form as soon as possible. Many incidents of nursing home abuse are covered up as accidental falls or unavoidable bedsores, or written off as a product of old age. We are ready to aggressively advocate on your behalf and investigate what really happened.