People who get out on the roadways usually assume that they aren’t going to make mistakes while they drive. They probably hope that others around them won’t make mistakes either. Unfortunately, drivers make mistakes all the time. Knowing some of the common ones might help you avoid them. 

One of the most challenging things that drivers often face is getting to know the vehicle they’re driving. Someone who isn’t familiar with the car might not be able to handle basic tasks easily. Before you take to the roads in a new vehicle, such as a rental vehicle, you should at least take a few minutes to ensure you know how to work the windshield wipers, turn signals and other important components. 

Another problem for some drivers is that they get on the road while they’re tired. Fatigue can have similar effects to impaired driving, so no drivers should ever operate a vehicle if they aren’t well-rested. 

You should also ensure you’re familiar with the route you’re going to take. This is especially important if you’re going somewhere new because you can’t allow yourself to become distracted by the navigation system. In reality, drivers shouldn’t allow themselves to become distracted by anything while they drive. 

Finally, be sure to leave yourself time to reach your destination. Some people get into a rush and use unsafe driving practices, such as speeding or running through yellow lights. Instead, leave early enough that you have time to spare. 

Even if you aren’t making any of these errors, there’s still a chance that another driver on the road will make one and smash into you. Seeking compensation is possible if you suffer injuries because that driver was being negligent. An attorney who’s familiar with personal injury claims can help you in these cases.