Picking a nursing home for your loved one is a big decision. You want to help them avoid abuse and neglect, you want to put them in a home where they’ll be safe and you want to make the right decision. 

People often talk about different warning signs or the things that you should look for to know if the home is the right or wrong location. For instance, you may want to check on staffing numbers to make sure there are enough staff members to meet everyone’s needs, or you may want to check local news reports to see if anything has been said about issues at the home. 

These individual warning signs can help — along with many others — but you should always remember the importance of relying on your instincts and trusting your gut. You may not be able to tell why a place feels wrong to you, but that feeling still tells you a lot. Don’t ignore it just because you can’t put your finger on it. 

Many times, your instincts will just key in on general traits. Maybe the smell in the nursing home is unpleasant. Does that mean that they don’t clean often enough? Maybe you feel like no one is there to talk to you. Does that mean there aren’t enough staff members? You don’t have the cleaning schedule or a roster of everyone who is at work, but you can still make these types of observations, and that’s very valuable. 

If your loved one does experience abuse or neglect in a nursing home, just make sure you are aware of the legal options at your disposal. Sometimes, the best way to hold a place accountable is through legal action.