Workers’ compensation is a critical protection for those who work for a living. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there about what workers’ compensation offers and who qualifies to receive it. 

Some employers will even intentionally misinform their employees about their rights in order to prevent someone from seeking benefits that they deserve. For example, your employer or your co-workers may have told you that as a part-time staff member, you don’t have the right to workers’ compensation benefits. Is that true?

What matters is whether or not you are a regular employee

Maybe you are semi-retired and you only work a half shift on Sunday mornings at a retail facility to cover other people while they attend religious services. You may only work 4 or 6 hours a week, but you work the same shift every week. Maybe you only work one or two nights a week, and those days change from schedule to schedule. 

Provided that you are regularly on the schedule and that you typically receive paychecks from the company, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation regardless of how many hours you work or how infrequent your shifts are. 

If your employer tries to reject your claim simply because you don’t work full-time hours, you may need to take steps to better advocate for yourself to get the benefits that you need. Getting professional help may make that process simpler, as it can be very difficult to fight for yourself at the same time that you are in recovery from a significant workplace injury.