Drivers who go faster than the speed limit put others at risk of suffering an injury due to a crash. There are many reasons why high rates of speed are more dangerous than lower speeds. It’s imperative that all drivers take their time and avoid going faster than the posted speed limit. 

In some cases, such as inclement weather, even driving the posted speed limit is unsafe. Drivers must be able to adjust their speed based on the conditions of the road they’re on. The speed limits that are posted are for daytime driving when the roads are clear and the weather is nice. 

Individuals who are driving faster than what’s reasonable for a road face several consequences. These include:

  • Increased stopping distance over slower speeds
  • Higher risk of crashing that results in severe injuries
  • Increased chance of losing control of the vehicle
  • Lower protection equipment efficiency

Some people feel that they need to speed because they’re running late or don’t want to be in their vehicle too long. These are never valid reasons. They can face action from law enforcement for speeding, but they can still put other people’s lives in danger when they’re driving too fast even if they don’t get a ticket.

Anyone who is injured in a high-speed crash may suffer from serious injuries. Victims have a right to pursue compensation for the financial damages they’re facing after a wreck. This includes the lost wages, medical care and similar expenses that come after a catastrophic injury. Because state law limits the amount of time you have to file your claim, you should get started as quickly as possible.