Choosing when you go out on the roads could affect your safety this summer. The weekend is the most dangerous time to be on the roads in July and August.

A study by Injury Facts found there were more fatal crashes in 2018 between Friday night and early Sunday morning than at any other time of the week. Interestingly, the data differed when it came to non-fatal crashes, with more car wrecks occurring between noon and 8:00 p.m. on a Friday.

While the study does not give reasons for the increase in crashes, the weekend spirit likely has a lot to do with it. Many workers feel entitled to go out for a drink on Friday night after a hard week. Friday and Saturday are prime nights for going out and letting off steam with alcohol or drugs. Sadly, many of these people ignore the effect that consumption has on their ability to drive safely.

Staying out late is riskier regardless of whether you have been using alcohol or drugs. It is harder to see when you’re driving at night, and you and other drivers are likely to be more tired than in the middle of the day. As many people drive to or from their destinations on the weekends with friends, drivers may be distracted more easily than when driving alone.

If you are going out this weekend, take extra care when driving, and watch out for other drivers who are distracted or have taken drugs or alcohol. If someone crashes into you, get legal help to seek compensation for expenses and damages.