You love your mother, but she has gotten very frail. As a result, you’ve had to find a nursing home for her. She needs more care than you can provide for her at home.

When you looked at nursing homes, you talked to the staff members and nursing home directors about how important it was for your mother to get support moving. She doesn’t move much on her own, and you’d had trouble with bedsores starting at home in the past. Luckily, you always checked on her regularly and were able to start moving her more often when you realized how little she did on her own.

Those discussions were why you got so angry when you found your mother had developed a bedsore, though. You knew that the staff knew that she was prone to them. You pointed out the risks, but she was still left to develop them.

Is this nursing home neglect?

It could be. It’s important that those who cannot move well get regular support from the nursing and aides at the facility, especially if it’s known that they’re prone to bedsores. Bedsores can be very serious. If they’re not caught early, they can lead to infection and potentially death due to sepsis. If your mother has been hurt as a result of the staff not helping her or noticing such a serious wound, then you may have a case. Depending on the stage, the staff’s records and other information, you may be able to show that your mother was neglected in the nursing home and needed more care than she received.