You know that some jobs are inherently dangerous. Health care workers, machinists, factory employees and construction workers, for example, all face certain obvious risks when they’re on the job. Since you have an office job, however, you’re not really that concerned about a serious injury.Maybe you should be. Office jobs can come with a surprising number of hidden hazards. Here are a few that can leave you seriously injured:

Falls: A loose carpet tile, a frayed rug or a computer cord that isn’t properly tucked away under someone’s desk can send you sprawling. Maybe the lobby tile was waxed within an inch of its life, causing you to slip and fall — and that fall can be serious. In fact, the National Safety Council says that disabling slips, trips and falls are 2.5 times more likely to occur in an office than in any other kind of workplace.

Crush injuries: Take a good look around your office. Are those filing cabinets supporting stacks of other items up top? Does the water cooler wobble when it’s touched? Has that old bookcase in the corner seen better days? Any of them could topple over when you least expect it and cause a spinal injury or a traumatic brain injury.

Stress injuries: How many times a day do you click a mouse, staple a page or file a document? Do you type almost non-stop for eight hours a day? Repetitive strain injuries are no joke, and they can lead to serious disabilities.

Knowing the risks can help you stay safe. If you are injured, however, and you have trouble getting your workers’ compensation claim approved, make sure that you seek experienced legal assistance with your claim.