You weren’t expecting your day to end in the hospital. You were driving on a relatively empty roadway, and there were very few people out. The driver behind you was approaching quickly, so you started to look for a place where you could pull over and allow them to pass.

The next time you looked in your rear-view mirror, you were shocked at how close they’d gotten. You put on your hazard lights and started to pull over. They must not have been watching to slow down because their vehicle ended up colliding with yours while you were around half-way out of the lane.

You deserve support after being involved in a rear-end crash

A rear-end crash is frustrating because they are avoidable. If the other driver had been paying attention or had simply looked up to see your lights, they could have slowed down enough to avoid the crash. Instead, you were forced off the road, rolled in a ditch and now have injuries that will take a long time to heal.

In this kind of collision, you deserve an opportunity to file an insurance claim against the other party. Even if they were apologetic and you feel bad about doing so, it’s important to talk to your attorney about getting a fair settlement or award. Regardless of the cause, the crash resulted in injuries that you now have to live with and recover from. Your claim is there to help you as you recover by making your medical care affordable and giving you the financial support that you need to focus on your health instead of rushing back to work.