From online media outlets to televised public service announcements, distracted driving frequently makes the news. As such, everyone should understand distracted driving and how it can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents. Still, all you need do is look around and you will see motorists engaging in this dangerous behavior daily.

Even those who practice safe driving may not know all the facts about in-car distractions. Learning more can make you a safer driver. As a bonus, you can also learn to spot distracted driving behaviors in people near you on the roadways.

If a motor vehicle accident leads to an injury, report signs of distraction to a lawyer. This can improve your chances of acquiring compensation to combat the financial hardships you may experience after an accident. You probably already know that using electronic devices can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Below are five additional facts about distracted driving that you might not know.

  • About 25% of all fatal vehicle crashes involve distracted driving
  • Approximately nine Americans die each day in crashes involving distracted motorists
  • Letting one’s mind wander is a leading cause of distracted driving crashes
  • Needing to use the bathroom is distracting and can affect one’s safety behind the wheel
  • Motorists who eat and/or drink while driving are about “80% more likely to get into an accident”

It is safe to assume that at least some motorists in or near Augusta, Georgia, engage in unsafe distractions while driving. If you have suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident, take a moment to think about what might have caused the crash. If you believe distraction or other illegal behaviors played a role, take your concerns to a lawyer. This may help you prove your case and acquire the compensation you need to move forward.