As people get older and their health begins to deteriorate, they may need care throughout the day. Tasks like getting dressed or going to the bathroom that they were once able to handle on their own suddenly require the support of other people. 

If your family doesn’t have the time or skill to help a loved one manage as they age, a nursing home can help ensure that your aging loved one has the support and help they need for their safety and health in their golden years. 

Unfortunately, in some nursing homes, patients will wind up neglected, which can have a significant negative impact on their quality of life. Watching for the warning signs of nursing home neglect can help you advocate for your loved one more effectively.

Dirty rooms and dirty residents are a major red flag

It takes a lot of staff and effort to keep a nursing home facility clean and properly organize the self-care and health routines of all of the residents. However, cleanliness is a cornerstone of health and safety. 

Facilities where there simply isn’t enough staff to help residents get dressed, brush their teeth or groom themselves may also not have enough staff to prevent someone from falling. Facilities that can’t keep their spaces clean not only likely don’t have enough staff, but they may also increase the risk of secondary issues for residents, such as lice or scabies infestation.

Unexplained injuries and hovering staff are also warning signs

If your loved one has bruises or bedsores that don’t seem to have a reasonable explanation, that could be a warning sign of mistreatment. It also indicates inadequate care, especially if the injuries resulted from a fall.

Sometimes, it may seem like there must be enough staff on hand, as someone working for the nursing home is always nearby when you visit. Not getting alone time with your loved one could be an effort by the facility staff to prevent residents from notifying their loved ones about the lack of care or abuse they experience. Watching for these and other warning signs can help you take action as soon as possible if your loved one experiences neglect in a nursing home facility.